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    Message of Principal


    Days pass. Months roll into years.We all try to be more disciplined and feel relevant with passing years.Weall take utmost care to paint our life sketch to give it a perfect ambience.Our education provides us the opportunity to fit our life sketch in a good frame.I wish the frame should remain years after the colours from the sketch fades awaywith passage of time.

    The Crest

    • The open book with the flame at the top of the crest symbolizes enlightenment and illumination of life.
    • The Temple gate of Lord Mukteswar at the centre with its exquisite lace work stands for Odishan art and architecture.
    • The wheel stands for dynamism, industrial progress and agricultural development.
    • The Motto ‘Tamaso Ma Jyotirgamaya’ is a Vedic hymn meaning: Lead me from darkness to light.

    Our Vision

    Rajdhani college,Bhubaneswar pledges itself to uphold and foster the values of spirit of inquiry,pursuit of excellence and humanism; aims to develop the institution into a cradle for the aspiring young minds who will be drawn from all sections of society particularly from the deprived and under privileged ones along the criteria of equity,justice and inclusive growth and nurture and groom them to become responsible citizens and future leaders in their respective fields with the commitment to serve humanity in an environment congenial for experiment,innovation and progress.

    Our Mission

    To elavate the college to an autonomous college during the 12th plan period.To make it a premier institution of higher education at the under graduation level.especially in the field of basic and applied sciences with provision for counselling and guidance for meaningful placements.

    To encourage greater application of interdisciplinary approaches and perspective in study and research.

    Our Action Plan

    Not Only the College has a definitive goal,that of elevating the college to an autonomous one.it too has an equally definite course of action to achieve the goal in a phase manner,which is why it has chosen to join the Rastriya Uchchattar Siksha Abhiyan(RUSA) and initiative of MHRD,govt. of India at the state level and submitted an institutional plan for the 12th plan period.Odds not withstanding,the institution has been trying constantly to raise the standard and quality of education of on all fronts.

    The proposed action plan includes among others :

    • Provision for fully modernized Administrative Block with skilled administrative personael
    • Construction of well-equipped science laboratory for degree student within the shortest possible time
    • New library building with reading room annexe
    • Well-equipped conference hall/smart room
    • Introduction of semester pattern of teaching and evaluation with provision for choice based credit system
    • Increasing use of IT aids in the class rooms
    • Innovative and interactive teaching with emphasis on interdisciplinary approach
    • Growing interface with industry and society
    • Creation of more physical infrastructure enabling speedy segregation of junior college from Rajdhani College.

    Succession List of Principals

    Sri M. Mohapatra 11.08.75 to 31.12.82
    Sri N. K. Rath (I/C) 31.12.82 to 23.01.83
    Sri S. C. Das 23.01.83 to 31.05.86
    Dr. J. K. Dwivedy (I/C) 31.05.86 to 17.07.86
    Dr. A. K. Meeshraw 17.07.86 to 22.08.88
    Smt. S. Das (I/C) 22.08.88 to 06.11.88
    Sri S. K. Acharya 06.11.88 to 04.08.90
    Lt. Col. K. M. Acharya 04.08.90 to 02.09.91
    Sri N. K. Rath 02.09.91 to 31.01.93
    Dr. P.C. Dash 31.01.93 to 03.01.93
    Sri. R. K. Mishra 03.01.94 to 30.09.96
    Dr. D. G. Panda (I/C) 30.09.96 to 06.01.97
    Dr. B. K. Mohapatra 06.01.97 to 22.09.97
    Sri R. C. Rout 22.09.97 to 21.08.98
    Smt. S. K. Pattnaik (I/C) 21.08.98 to 21.10.98
    Smt. S. R. Kanungo 21.10.98 to 12.02.99
    Sri N. Dash (I/C) 12.02.99 to 24.09.99
    Dr. B. K. Mishra (I/C) 24.09.99 to 31.03.01
    Dr. R. K. Mohanty (I/C) 31.03.01 to 31.08.02
    Dr. M. Kundu (I/C) 31.08.02 to 31.03.04
    Dr. (Smt.) S. Baliarsingh (I/C) 31.03.04 to 28.02.06
    Sri S. K. Panda (I/C) 01.03.06 to 31.07.08
    Smt. S. P. Mohanty (I/C) 31.07.08 to 31.08.08
    Sri P. K. Pattanayak (I/C) 31.08.08 to 08.12.08
    Dr. S. R. Mishra 08.12.08 to 31.12.08
    Sri P. K. Pattanayak (I/C) 31.12.08 to 04.03.09
    Dr. S. Mohapatra 04.03.09 to 31.01.10
    Sri P. K. Pattanayak (I/C) 31.01.10 to 11.03.10
    Dr. A. K. Otta 11.03.10 to 31.10.10
    Sri P. K. Pattanayak (I/C) 31.10.10 to 28.02.11
    Dr. Smt. Sailaja Nandini Jena(I/C) 28.02.11 to 05.08.11
    Dr. Abimanyu Bhuyan (I/C) 05.08.11 to 01.10.11
    Dr. Smt. Shailaja Nandini Jena(I/C) 01.10.11 to 05.07.12
    Dr. Smt. Shailaja Nandini Jena 06.07.12 to 31.07.13
    Dr. Gourang Charan Nanda, Ph.D 31.07.13 to 29.01.14
    Dr. Geetika Patnaik 29.01.14 to Contd.

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